Laser Tattoo Removal: Outgrown your tattoo? We can help!

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Tattoos that seemed like the right idea at a certain point in our life can fade in our passion for them much faster than the ink itself fades. When your season of life changes, the tattoo that was fashioned for your previous stage of life may not fit you any longer. When this happens, tattoo removal can be a good option.

In the past, the only options in tattoo removal were painful procedures like sanding the tattoo away through dermabrasion or freezing it off with cryotherapy. Surgical excision was also used to cut images out of the skin, often requiring skin grafts to create an acceptable appearance. Fears over the pain and risks of these treatments often left people learning to live with that undesirable body ink, rather than facing the trauma of removing it.

Improving the process
Fortunately, these methods of tattoo removal have now become obsolete, thanks to more efficient laser options that provide a complete removal with significantly less risk than previous treatments. Lasers work in a very different fashion than other types of tattoo removal. Instead of removing the ink through invasive procedures, lasers shatter the pigment in the ink so the particles can be removed through natural body processes. This process targets the body art without causing excess damage to surrounding skin and tissue.

At Main Street Cosmetic and Skin, we offer the most tried and true option in laser technology for the safest and most effective tattoo removal available today. Q-switched lasers have been used for a decade for this purpose, due to their ability to emit short, powerful pulses that eliminate the ink without damaging the skin. When used by an experienced provider, these devices can eradicate nearly any ink colour, although more stubborn hues like pink and blue may take more treatments to remove them completely.

Keeping you comfortable
Topical anesthetic is applied prior to laser tattoo removal to ensure you are comfortable throughout your procedure. At Main Street Cosmetic and Skin, we offer stronger anaesthetics than other laser treatment providers, which gives our patients an edge in a positive treatment experience overall. You can rest assured your laser treatment will produce the results you desire without a significant amount of pain during or after your procedure.

The laser uses heat to shatter ink pigment, which can also raise the temperature of your skin during the procedure. We employ a Zimmer cooling machine to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout treatment, which eliminates the risk of burning and enhances your experience overall.

After your tattoo removal procedure, you can head directly back to your daily activities. Your skin in the treatment area may be red and tender, similar to a sunburn. These side effects usually don’t last longer than a few days are not enough to prohibit you from your regular tasks. We do advise you to protect the treatment area from direct sun exposure since UV rays can complicate your results.

Saying goodbye to body ink
To fully eliminate your body ink, you will likely need a series of treatment sessions. The specific number will depend on your ink colours and intensity. The size and quality of the tattoo can also impact how many sessions you might need. During your initial consultation, we should be able to give you an estimate of how many treatments you might need to get full results, so you have an idea of what to expect from your procedure.

Don’t hide unwanted body ink under makeup or clothing any longer. Contact Main Street Cosmetic and Skin on 03 9739 3830 to find out if laser tattoo removal is right for you.