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The scars that acne leaves behind might look like permanent, but they don’t have to be. Underneath these inflamed and unhealthy areas of skin, there’s new skin that’s waiting to be revealed! With a combination of our treatments at Main Street Cosmetic & Skin, we can restore your skin to a much smoother texture. Schedule your skin care consultation, and we’ll discuss the best treatment options for your particular scar and skin type. Know there is no scar and no skin type we can’t treat safely, effectively and comfortably.

Step into our medical centre and be surprised and delighted by how the appropriate combination of these treatments can eliminate or reduce the degree of your scarring. Only medically trained professionals will consult and treat your skin at Main Street.

Our equipment is the best available for scarring, ensuring you will have complete confidence in our approach and treatments to reduce your previously thought life-long scars. In addition to the efficacy of our treatments, pricing is highly competitive and for the benefit of our clients.

The SkinPen Precision can improve the appearance of mild to moderate acne scarring with only six treatments spaced six weeks apart. The skin will continue to improve for up to 12 months after treatment. The SkinPen Precision is safe to use on all skin types. You may experience 12 – 48 hours of skin redness and swelling post treatment, which can be easily covered up with makeup for an immediate return to work.
Superficial chemical peels may be somewhat effective on very mild acne scarring only. There are minimal risks involved and minimal downtime, however, many treatments are required to achieve optimum results. Check with your skin care specialist to make sure this treatment path is right for your skin.
Deep chemical peels are only effective on mild to moderate scarring. There is more downtime involved with medium to deep chemical peels; therefore results will be achieved faster than with milder chemical peel treatments. The risks involved with deeper chemical peels increase the strength of the peel, so caution needs to be taken on certain skin types.
Dermal fillers temporarily fill indented scars. The advantage of using dermal fillers is that there is very minimal downtime and associated risk. Dermal fillers also have an added component to their use which helps regenerate skin’s collagen and elastin fibres that will help create a smoother texture and rehydrate the skin simultaneously.
This is the mildest type of skin care exfoliation because it requires no laser treatments or chemicals to remove dead skin and resurface your skin. We use crystal abrasion to break up the dead skin cells, suction to remove any traces of the dead skin from the surface and infuse the layers with vitamins and minerals for hydrated, smoother looking skin.
For patients that want to completely remove the topmost layer of the skin, our laser skin rejuvenation treatments will do this for you. Laser treatments will kill off all the topmost cells by using light and heat energy, causing them to flake away and reveal smoother-looking layers with less pronounced scarring and signs of ageing in wrinkled skin.
Radio frequency treatments yield amazing results when combined with microneedling in the skin. These RF needling treatments will work to create micro-damage to skin that will heal around the damaged points. The RF heat energy will work deep into the skin to lift and tighten the skin as well as killing off any bacteria that could cause skin irritations. Your skin’s imperfections will be smoothed over seamlessly. Plus, healing with radio frequency is fast, and any bleeding that could result is next to none.
Like many laser skin resurfacing treatments, CO2 laser creates areas of damage in the skin that require removal or resurfacing. This treatment is more effective as it involves microneedling with radio frequency before the CO2 laser. You not only work on the internal structure of ageing skin but you work on the surface as well to reduce the appearance of scars.

Acne Scar Treatment Melbourne

Transform your skin with our acne scar treatment in Melbourne!

Main Street Cosmetic & Skin understands that dealing with acne scars can be frustrating and challenging. While achieving smooth, clear, radiant skin can be difficult, it is never impossible. This is why we offer effective acne scar treatment options to help you achieve the flawless complexion you desire.

The team of professionals at Main Street Cosmetic & Skin is well-versed in a range of effective treatments to address different types of acne problems. Our experienced professionals will work closely with you to treat acne scars. If you struggle with hyperpigmentation, pitted scars, or uneven skin texture, don’t hesitate to contact us at Main Street Cosmetic & Skin.

Let us help you achieve a smoother, more even complexion that you can feel confident in.

Acne Scar Treatment Melbourne

Experience the Difference: The Benefits of Choosing Us for Your Beauty Needs

The struggle to find a trusted and experienced acne scar treatment provider can be a challenging task. Fortunately, you don’t need to search any further than Main Street Cosmetic & Skin. Our state-of-the-art facilities and techniques offer numerous benefits, including:

Experienced professionals

The skin specialists at Main Street Cosmetic & Skin have years of experience in dealing with acne scars. They are also updated with the latest advancement in the field. Our proven track record is a testament to our ability to deal with a range of acne scars and treat them effectively.


We understand our client’s top priority is safety when looking for the right skin treatments. This is why we invest in high-quality technology and types of equipment to provide our clients with optimum safety and comfort. In addition, we make sure that we keep our clients informed about the process so that you can stay worry-free throughout the process.


The results of the acne scar treatment in Melbourne directly impact your self-confidence and overall well-being. Thus, we take great pride in helping our clients achieve their desired results. Our laser treatment, micro-needling, and other treatments are designed to provide our clients with optimum results. Also, we use a personalised approach in dealing with every individual’s skin, enabling us to understand each client’s skin type and concerns better. 

Comfortable and supportive environment

We believe a treatment experience must be highly comfortable and stress-free, so we provide our clients with a welcoming and relaxed environment. We ensure that our clients are at ease during the treatment, and our staff also will be there to answer all of your queries and concerns. Thus, you will no longer have to stress about the acne scar treatment.

Don’t let acne and the scars hold you back from feeling confident and beautiful. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and begin your journey to more radiant, clearer, and healthy skin!

Stop searching ‘skin specialist near me’ or anti-wrinkle treatment in Melbourne! Visit Main Street Cosmetic & Skin clinic today!


Acne scars can make you feel under-confident and also make you extremely frustrated. But you need not worry, as you can improve your skin’s texture and boost your confidence through our acne scar treatment. This will help you improve the overall health of your skin, which will ultimately help you in the long run for the betterment of your skin.

Acne scars can make your skin textured and bumpy. However, through Main Street Cosmetic & Skin’s acne scar treatment in Melbourne, you can improve your skin’s texture and ensure a smooth, even skin.

Hyperpigmentation is the darkening of the skin due to acne and its marks in the affected areas. Through our effective acne scar treatment in Melbourne, you can reduce discolouration and restore even skin tone.

The duration of the results of the acne scar treatment in Melbourne depends on several factors, including the severity of the scars, the type of treatment you choose, skin type, lifestyle, and so on. You can reach out to our skincare professional to get an estimate of the expected results and timeline.


Experienced Team

Our highly-skilled and experienced team of Therapists are trained in the latest technology and operate the safest machinery.

Safety & Technology

Using advanced technology and high-performance cosmeceutical skincare products our team highly-skilled team of Therapists is experienced in delivering best-in-class results.

Real Results

Our highly-trained team can help identify your concerns provide a tailored solution so that you can walk out looking and feeling your best.

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