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Laser Facials

Laser facials are a non-invasive method for those looking to treat pores, wrinkles, texture, tone, and elasticity of the skin. It is a safe and scientifically effective means of stimulating collagen, eliminating bacteria, decreasing hyperpigmentation, and reducing pore size. 


You may already have a well-planned skincare regime, but every now and then our skin needs an extra boost of rejuvenation. Lasers penetrate deeper than any cream or chemical treatment product, giving your skin the chance to refresh. 


Lasers generate heat below the skin to induce controlled injury in the second layer of skin, the dermis, without impairing the surface. A set wavelength is absorbed by select targets in the skin. The lasers used during our facial treatments target water molecules in the collagen layer of the dermis. This process tricks the skin to naturally repair and regenerate collagen, which we all know is the key to firm and healthy skin. If you are looking for youthful, plump skin, to eliminate pigment, or reverse sun damage, then laser facials are an extremely effective option. 


Different types of lasers can be used to target specific skin concerns. A gentler treatment option is used for a radiance boost and subtle textural improvements. Our more advanced tool is perfect for fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, and UV damage. 


First-time clients usually ask us what a laser treatment will feel like. Some people compare the feeling to a gentle pinch or mild sunburn, but this depends on an individual’s pain tolerance. Our team of qualified practitioners make every effort to ensure your experience is as relaxing and therapeutic as possible. The procedure is completed quickly and many notice an immediate improvement in skin quality. Clients can expect minimal downtime post-treatment. After your treatment, your skin might be a little pink and it could take about an hour for flushing to subside. However, it will be safe to apply makeup and you can resume your daily activities immediately. 


If you’re ready to start your clean skin journey get in contact with our friendly team via the form below. Alternatively, our friendly staff are always happy to discuss any questions you have over the phone on 03 9739 3830. Every patient is also welcome to book a free no-commitment consultation. During your consultation, one of our experienced cosmetic nurses will go over all your skin concerns and be able to suggest a tailored approach to your skin journey.

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