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Sagging skin is a part of the ageing process, but the good news is we have a range of treatments that can put spring back into your skin! Although we lose elastin and collagen today it is easy to stimulate the production of these essential fibres which take the laxity out of your skin.

We are fortunate to have to have THE SECRET Radio Frequency machine from Cryomed, known for it’s outstanding ability to deliver the most precise thermal effect deep into the dermis, creating a wonderful tightening effect where ever applied. It reduces wrinkles and at the same time improves the texture and tone of the skin, and reducing pore sizes. Micro-needles deliver the Radio Frequency the correct and exact depth required, and SECRET RF delivers one of the most technologically advanced from of skin rejuvenation therapy available.

All skin types can be treated, even darker skins. and compared with the fractional laser based treatments, the risk of side effects, and the downtime, (time to full recovery) is minimal in comparison.

Another very successful procedure for Skin Tightening is to have an Ablative Fractional CO2 Laser from our FRAXIS DUO, although the downtime is more significant This can create redness and puffiness for up to 5 days, yet nothing a little make up can’t sort. But this treatment can deliver dramatic results, reducing deep wrinkles, and tightening and lifting skin.

This laser pierces the epidermis and causes minute little burns in the dermal layer, which in turn stimulate the production of collagen in that layer. The FRAXIS also improves skin tone, texture, reduces scars and pore size. Definitely creating a wow effect.

Although Non ablative lasers don’t require the down time of an Ablative laser, they produce a milder and gentler effect, and require multiple session to gain the same effect.

Come in and discuss the benefits of our FRAXIS CO2 Ablative Laser, and discover what an amazing and dramatic treatment this is.


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