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Laser Vessel Removal

Laser Vessel Removal is performed by our Cosmetic Doctors. They use only state of the art medical grade Cutera V laser. The treatment is fast and remarkable results are achievable because small vessels are heated, thermo-coagulated through this Laser light source, and disappear in an instant.


Vascular Lasers use light energy, to target facial redness, spider veins, and all those broken capillaries that cause visible thin red lines on the face or body.  Vascular or Vessel Laser treatment is the most effective and affordable way to reduce redness and visibility of small veins and vessels.


Facial Redness and thin red broken capillaries are not uncommon and are the result of our natural aging process, prolonged UV exposure, trauma to the skin, or genetics. It is worth consulting one of our skin doctors, or skin therapists prior to treatment, because excessive estrogen hormones, alcohol consumption, or chemical irritants may also be the cause.  During this consultation, we will be able to discover the most effective treatment, or a combination of treatments, for your skin. Multiple laser sessions may be required, depending on the size of the affected area. 


We only use a high medical-grade Cutera V Laser, which delivers precise light pulses to just target the broken capillaries. The result is more clear, even skin tone, without those red blemishes. Results are achieved with minimal discomfort and there is no recovery time. As it is a non-invasive treatment, patients can walk out of their treatment and go about their day. 


Our laser team is led by an expert in Lasers, Dr Byran Lim, who has the experience of teaching and training doctors and cosmetic therapists, the use of lasers for 25 years. So be assured we have a highly qualified team, who are passionate about the health of your skin. 


Our friendly team takes the time to understand your needs to give you the best chance of achieving your skin goals. If you are curious about our Laser Vessel Removal procedure, fill out the form below or speak with us directly via phone on 03 9739 3830 to book an appointment.

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