5 Reasons Why Your Skin May Be Turning Red

5 Reasons Why Your Skin May Be Turning Red

Having rosy cheeks is a sign of healthy skin, but extremely red skin may indicate something severe. Skin redness is noticed specifically on the cheeks or even the nose and the temples of your face. This happens when the blood vessels on skin change their structure or even break or get fragile after being exposed to allergens or pollutants. Some may opt for facial redness treatments but before opting for one, you should know the reason behind the redness of the skin. There can be several reasons responsible for the redness of the skin. Five such reasons are mentioned below:

1. Skin barrier being impaired

The skin barrier prevent moisture loss, stop active ingredients from products from getting into your skin, and protect the skin from external factors such as chemicals. This defence mechanism uses lipids to protect our skin. However, internal and external factors such as sun exposure and unacceptable level of pH in skin care products can affect the structure of these lipids. This results in skin barrier impairment, which eventually lead to the redness of the skin. Thus you should invest in the right skin care products to improve the health of the skin barriers. The right skin care expert can provide the perfect products based on your skin type. Many also provide their clients with the latest skincare techniques, such as sculpting anti-wrinkle injections, which are popular these days.

2. Inflammation caused by acne

Redness of the skin can also be caused by acne. One of the reasons for acne is the excessive sebum and oil production on the skin. Hormonal imbalance, diet, clogged pores, etc. can also give rise to acne. Getting rid of acne can be time-consuming. Thus you should use the appropriate skin care products to reduce acne inflammation. This will also help you to calm down the redness and tenderness.

3. Rosacea

Rosacea is a common chronic and inflammatory skin condition that causes skin redness. This skin condition causes redness and the burning of the skin with or without swelling. In the beginning, the skin may experience roughness and dryness. Even though the causes of rosacea are unknown, experts believe the condition could worsen if exposed to extreme weather, sun, or even spicy food. However, since there is no permanent solution for rosacea, one should try maintaining their skin barrier first. You should also take the help of a professional skin specialist who will help you to control the condition faster.

4. Perioral Dermatitis

Perioral Dermatitis is like rashes around the mouth area. This condition is common among female adults. The causes of Perioral Dermatitis can be overuse of steroid cream or cosmetic products or even fluoride in toothpaste. Therefore, if you have this condition, you should avoid steroid, corticosteroid creams, and cosmetic products. Thus you should only use clinically proven cosmeceutical products.

5. Menopause

A person’s body goes through perimenopause first. This starts around the age of mid-40s. In this stage, the estrogen hormone level reduces, and thus, affects our skin’s pH level and other factors related to the skin. This means the skin is more likely to get red and inflamed. Thus using the right products for your skin is essential. A certified professional can also provide you with anti-wrinkle injections or lip fillers. You must search the web for ‘lip fillers near me’ to find a certified specialist near you.

The points mentioned above will help you know the reasons that can be associated with the redness of your skin. However, having the right treatment and products is also very important when dealing with skin problems. When choosing a skin specialist, ensure they are qualified, experienced, and certified. To solve all your problems related to skin conditions, you can contact us to get a tailored skincare routine.