Cosmetic Fillers: Benefits of dermal fillers

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There are many types of dermal fillers. All with different, hard to pronounce names but essentially aiming to do one thing: reduce the appearance of lines and deep wrinkles, and to make the skin look more youthful. Chatting to our clients about dermal fillers tends to develop into a very long conversation, therefore we thought it’d be best if we highlight the benefits here for you.

Let’s begin:

Our fillers are all made of Hyaluronic acid, a natural product found in the skin. Hyaluronic acid absorbs moisture within the skin, at the site of deep lines, which then forces the lines to ascend towards the surface, diminishing their appearance and making your skin look younger.

Due to the use of natural Hyaluronic acid, there are rarely negative skin reactions and all fillers are dissolvable, meaning that they naturally dissolve into the skin, eliminating the chance of lumps and bumps forming over time.

The treatments are cost effective. Dermal fillers are an inexpensive option when compared to surgical treatments such as a fat transfer which is also more invasive. The treatments are completely non-surgical, which also means very little downtime. There will occasionally be minimal swelling and bruising which will usually dissipate within a week. The results are instant and sometimes even get better with time.

You will notice a younger appearance with less lines and wrinkles and a healthy complexion which gives you a boost in confidence. Dermal fillers are more effective at treating deep wrinkles than other injectables and can correct volume loss and reshape the face.

Although the treatment is a little uncomfortable at times, it is not described by our clients as painful. We are happy to use numbing creams to ease the discomfort during application. Our dermal fillers will last between 6-24 months depending on the area and type of filler used, meaning you can continue the treatment if you are happy with the results and make them more or less frequent depending on how you react.

Our practitioners are qualified and skilled to administer dermal fillers. As with all treatments and procedures, you should look for qualified and registered practitioners who will take care of you and ensure that you are happy and safe at all times.

Dermal fillers are a fantastic way to test the waters, see what works for you while not incurring drastic side effects or severe downtime. The results of dermal filler treatments performed at Main Street Cosmetic and Skin speak for themselves. Whether it is fine lines around the eyes and mouth or deep, set wrinkles between the brows, we will be able to make a positive difference to your face. But it doesn’t stop there! We can use dermal fillers on a variety of areas, such as the neck and hands to smooth lines and create a more youthful appearance. For these reasons and the many listed above, the treatment is incredibly popular amongst our clients.

Dermal fillers will have you looking and feeling better about your skin, as you handle the signs of ageing gracefully. Call Main Street Cosmetic and Skin on 03 9739 3830 to arrange a consultation, where we can discuss your key areas and how to effectively treat them.